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wincon Pittsburgh
I drove to Pittsburgh.  It took a little over 4 hours.  The trees were coming into color and the weather was clear, so it was a good day. The drive into Pittsburgh to find the hotel was not hard.  Surprise, there was only valet parking for $30/ night.  Ugh.  but Okay. There was a really lovely fandom lounge where I parked my two inch button maker. and great rooms for panels.

Enjoyed the heck out of rooming with the lovely desertport!!    Also caught up with azephirin, yay!  and met tsuki_no_bara, yay,  and so many great folks, ALL THE YAY. \o/   Thanks Desertport for a wonderful roommate experience -- you are even more wonderful in person than I knew from online!!!  thanks for the Hebrew book rec, I have ordered it!!  there was toast in my breakfast this morning, so I demonstrated the prayer you helped me with for my son and we were very happy.  :D

Panels on the MCU, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter etc, it was lovely and there was plenty of airtime for my Bucky obsession.  Also my Bucky outfit was well-received at prom!  :D  Dancing from 8 - 1 pm was AWESOME.
Also panels on incest, kink, tropes, and fannish practices in the writing classroom, because wincon.  Someone uttered this classic wincon phrase: "That fandom is so old school; they don't like incest."  :D :D :D

I gave away some things to the raffle. I donated  a really beautiful Supernatural denim jacket made by ladyjanelly because I wasn't wearing it enough, and it was among the most highly sought after items in the raffle, which raised $1200, so that was awesome.  Other things I gave away included duplicate comics, books, and DVDs, a selection of miniature plates etc to thin out my obsession, and some unwanted porn that I've culled from our local charity book sale over the years.

I made my own Peggy Carter out of felt provided by the wonderful brynspikess!!  So happy to have an Agent Carter.  She looks very stern.  I made her chibi, because that is the easiest way to use felt, and she is in scale with the rest of my MCU folks: Bucky, Steve, Thor, Loki, Tony, Hulk, Sam, Natasha, Clint, and Wanda.  I guess I should attempt to make Wanda a tiny Vision.  Maybe with a combination of Shrinky dink and Felt??   I am still short several Avengers... maybe when the next wave of toys comes out for Cap 3.  :D  If you have pics of my tiny friends from the Con, please share!
I also want to praise the incredibly beautiful wincon 10th anniversary bracelets!!!  with charms from every state and dimes to mark the years, these bracelets are truly works of art.  :D

I didn't do my morning walks through the arctic canyons of downtown Pittsburgh, but I made up for it with all the dancing.  Plus there was walking to get to the restaurants at market square: Bruegger's Bagels, Nicholas Coffee Company, Winghart's, the Franktuary, and Jimmy John's. I stuck to my meal plan pretty well... highlights included a tuna sandwich where they served it wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, and getting to try real quebecoise poutine!  (which, I didn't eat the whole thing, and I was very proud of stopping, and I didn't actually accidentally throw away my titanium spork although I almost did).  While traveling, some things to eat at convenience stores include chobani cups, v8, hardboiled eggs, and fruit cups.  Wendy's also offers a good meal in the form of a Caesar side salad and cup of chili.

I made some fun one inch buttons with the incredibly easy to use button maker provided by the con.  I made Steve, Natasha, Mulder and Scully buttons.  :D  I also drew a Bucky that didn't look like Bucky and made him into a two inch button.  Oh well!

I had con drop on the drive home (burst into tears listening to Anchorage by Michelle Shocked) and overnight (messy dreams about missing friends).  I took a wrong turn on the drive home but it wasn't cataclysmic.

I would love to host a monthly Fangirl Brunch in the DC Baltimore area.   I would totally do that. Let me know if you are interested in spreading the word!!  -- Or, if there is already one, if I could join?

Also, please shout out here if you intend to be part of "the return to Livejournal".  Hi all you fabulous friends!!!
Please let me know if you are in the DC area or if you are surfing for a couch!

This morning I harvested one batch of black walnuts and celebrated the First Frost aka Tinker Day by taking my son to IHOP (Intl House of Breakfast).  The turkey bacon at IHOB is very tasty!

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It's nice to be called wonderful and credited with providing your felt... however, I think you must have meant someone else?

Sorry I got the wrong Bryn! I'll have to find out if she has a different call sign on LJ.


glad to hear the jacket is the gift that keeps on giving. :) Sounds like you had a great time!

You would have loved it at wincon, it was bristling with Hockey fans and everyone ADORED your beautiful work on the jacket!!! :D

Awww. That's awesome. I'm still doing fan-crafts, just hockey now. :) I made this jacket recently, starting from a plain black pullover hoodie: http://ladyjanelly.tumblr.com/post/102627686788/ladyjanelly-serenadestrong-urrone

and this is my janellycrafts tag on tumblr: http://ladyjanelly.tumblr.com/search/janellycrafts

I really need to get to cons or something, just never feel like anybody I know will be there.

I think you would find at least one or two people you know! :D


Thanks for the link to the fic. :D

I looked up Context, and it doesn't look so good.... they had a harassment incident in 2014 which led to their board dissolving and reforming....
I can't find any other mentions of Context going forward??

Would love to see you next summer though -- maybe at NY Comic Con??

I think these are two different cons with similar names. The one I was/am contemplating attending is Con.Txt (http://www.con-txt.net), which is a fan-run slash-focused con in the DC area; Context sounds like a more professionally oriented SFF con in Columbus, OH (http://www.jasonsanford.com/blog/2014/11/why-i-wont-be-returning-to-the-context-sf-convention). Confusing!

I don't usually go to NYCC (too crowded!), but would love to see you if/when you're in the area. Also, I arrive in DC midafternoon on Monday 11/23 and leave in the early evening of Saturday 11/28, so let me know when you're around!

Thanks for the clarification!! :D

I will keep you posted about Thanksgiving. As of now, we will probably be around at least the 23rd and 24th... :)

cheers!! :D

THE GREAT RETURN TO LIVEJOURNAL BEGINS!!! Hello!! It was so wonderful to meet you at Wincon! I'm the short one with brown hair and glasses and I go by Anne. I am so excited to get back into this! Let's make it happen! Tell me who I should follow so this whole thing can spiral outwards and we can inspire others to join us. :)

I have lots of pics of your adorable MCU figurines, I will post them at some point when I'm not super very busy! I loved them so much.

Yay! Hi!

I admire you because you were literally grading while attending the MCU panel. You rock!

At least a few of my friends highlighted above are active on LJ and were at wincon -- I'm hoping the joy will radiate outward and we will get to know each other. You're welcome to look at my friends feed.... one of my great friends in England is milly_gal, and she posts TONS, and also has a lot of friends who post.

cheers -- and thanks for looking me up -- friending you back! :D

it was so nice to meet your face! your prom arm was fabulous. i didn't get any pics of it, tho. i hope steve and bucky enjoyed the mcu panel. :D

bryn is brynspikess. also beadslut who won the jacket was trying to remember who made it. good to know! (i know ladyjanelly's name because i podficced her tom sawyer 'verse way back in the day. i didn't know she made fannish clothes too. it's a really neat jacket.)

Steve and Bucky did enjoy the MCU panel, but Sam I think was soaking in the adoration. :D It was nice to see Natasha and Wanda bond a little; Wanda kind of latched on to Sam as her mentor to become an Avenger, so she spends most of her time with him.

And Vision of course!!! (but there isn't a 3.75 figure of Vizh yet!!)

Thanks for the LJ handles for Bryn and Beadslut. :D

Lady Janelly was my original enabler to join LJ back in the day because I kept commenting anon on one of her stories and she was like COME ON GET AN LJ!!! so i was like "ok"

Prom was so fun -- your outfit was fabulous!!! My first metal arm was much heavier and hotter, so for prom I wanted something light and a little more Lolita. So fun to be non-binary Bucky!!!

You know I still listen to your podfic of TTS like at least once a year, right? It's just amazing. It's like my fic, but presented in such a way that the emotional impact isn't dampened by familiarity. So awesome.

!!! you're kidding! i think that's the best thing anyone has ever said about my podfics. it's so gratifying to know, and i'm so happy! thank you. ^_^

i always remember this bit from the end of today's tom sawyer - the only thing a wolf-cub can grow up to be is a wolf. in that moment, sam sees that the only thing ben can grow up to be is a hunter. i love those two lines.

:) Hee! That's awesome. So glad to hear.

I'm so glad you had a fabulous time!

YES. All the fangirls!! All the love!!!!!

Wish you could be there with us!!

So do I! I'm always SO jealous!

Talk about a wonderful roommate experience--you were as awesome in RL as I knew you'd be. Thanks for being my roommate and for bringing Steve and Bucky, et al. I had a lot of fun hanging out and really wish we were local so we could do it more often. Happy to help with the b'racha too. :)

My Hebrew book came and I am busy practicing the aleph bet. So far I have practiced the first ten letters, so I can see the difference between some of them that confused me before. :D

Steve and Bucky set out a magnificent breakfast yesterday, and it was so good they are still having more of it today, with two whole pies (one apple and one cherry) and two big bunches of Gros Michel bananas that Tony has flown in for them specially. Plus all the milk and OJ and coffee that Bucky could possibly want. :D

Now I can't believe we have to wait a whole year (maybe more ) before the next wincon! I hope you post often at least!


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