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femslash Venom illustration
This is for elizajane on AO3, for her great drabble series Held in the Dark,  reimagining two women that Venom has bonded with -- present day Edie Brock, and Maria Conte from farther back in the past.  This illustration is of Maria, the first time she actually sees her other in the mirror.

hello kitty cake fail
this is an illustration for a fic about a cake fail. :)

Hot Steve!

Bucky and Steve have gone to the after Christmas sales and found a product at the mall that didn't surprise Bucky at all.

"Is this why you wanted to shop here, Buck?"

"You never know what you might find at Williams Sonoma... besides, they had a really good price for cinnamon sticks."

"It's a crazy name though."

"It makes sense when you pose next to it, that what I think."

"Aw, shucks, Bucky."

"They didn't know to call it 'hot Stevie'... but that's what I'm gonna call it."

"You're just looking for smooches when we get home."

"Yes sir.  Seriously spicy ones!"

Yule Cat Gifts!
Bucky and Steve have brought some good beer to Thor and Loki's solstice party, but they wanted to do a little bit more.

"We wanted to make sure the Yule Cat wouldn't drag you away"

"No worries, Friend Steven!  I have already bested Bygul and Trejgul in battle."

"Brother, you forget that mother's cats are not the only cats to worry about.  This Yule Cat may be even fiercer."

"But if we fight side by side, no cat would stand a chance!"

"Or, we just wear the scarves we crocheted for each other."

"Your shield brother speaks wisely, Steven."

"Yeah, he usually does."

PS.  The Yule Cat drawing is from:
The drawing is signed "Hugleikur 10" --probably Hugleikur Dagsson, Icelandic cartoonist.  

I've recently learned about the perils of the Christmas Cat -- how, if you're not given a new article of clothing before solstice, it will eat you!

So I'm going to be crocheting tiny warm scarves for Bucky and Steve.  But for now, here Bucky and Steve are preparing to enjoy a good, dark solstice with some ale that may or may not be Asgardian.  :)

Bathtub Party Day !
According to the National Day Calendar that Clint gave Steve last Christmas, December 5 is National Bathtub Party Day.  Steve and Bucky love any excuse to relax and enjoy themselves!

"Wow Steve, I really love taking a bubble bath here in our own rooftop paradise!"
"No kidding!  Thanks to Wakandan shield tech, we can have this tropical oasis on top of our Brooklyn Heights brownstone!"
"Mmm, I love it when you wash my hair."
"And when you come out, the bathtub party is just beginning!"
"Yup.  Wonder what other folks do to celebrate Bathtub Party Day?"

* * *

Meanwhile, in Hell's Kitchen....

"Rand! What the hell are you doing here?"
"Hi Matt! it's Bathtub Party Day!  I brought you this bottle of 1996 Dom Perignon, just in case you happened to be celebrating!  And hey, if your water goes cold, I have this Fist....!"
"Dammit, Danny, stay out of my tub with your fist.  And I'm not bathing, this is where I sleep, because of my angst and guilt...."
"I'm opening this bottle....!"
"Hey. It's true what they say, that expensive champagne does actually taste better. Thanks, Danny."
"You're welcome, Matt.  I mean, for $49,000 it oughta be good, right?"
"I'm ... drinking... what?"
"Ha ha.  No... this is just an every day $499 bottle, but it is the same vintage, and we do actually have that gold-plated one in the Rand cellar!"
"Danny... no!  Sell it and give it to the orphanage!"
"Oh.  Okay!"

* * *

Over at 177A Bleecker Street, Stephen Strange gets an unlooked for Bathtub Surprise of his own:

*a foul chthonic tongue, the likes of which mortal mind cannot bear to contemplate*

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! Back from whence you came, foul denizens of the darkest depths!"

*devilish quacking*

"Now that's just rude.... Wong, where's the plunger in this place?!?!"

The Immortal Iron Fist! (spoilers)

I just finished s2 last night, it was so freaking awesome!!

seriously all the spoilers DO NOT CLICK!Collapse )

real disney princesses
I just bought the coolest figure set.  I've been super wanting Black Panther figures and outraged that I could not find them in 3.75".  (Though, I do have to admit that there are a few attractive 6" figures, but if I bought 6" figures, my house would sink into the earth. That 2.25" inches makes a bigger difference than you would imagine!)

So, I finally found these amazing looking figures sets from the Disney store!!!

I ordered a Black Panther figure set which includes T'Challa, Erik, Shuri, Nakia, Okoye, and a Rhino.  (Bucky is going to be Best Friends with the Rhino so freaking fast.) They are everything I want in figures except without movable joints.

Also, there was a bonus Thor Ragnarok set on sale for TEN DOLLARS.  Are you freaking kidding me??? HELA in all her amazing antler glory PLUS VALKYRIE being the right color!  There is also, Loki, Gladiator Thor, Gladiator Hulk, and a completely unrecognizable Heimdall.  I'm pretty psyched about the Hulk really. :)

What do you think, should I do one of those "I'm opening the box" videos on youtube??  :D

hot knife
hi from a rainy day here in the midatlantic

an awesome video by one of my top favorites.

Every so often I just get overwhelmed by Fiona Apple being the half-sister of Blair Sandburg. Ahem.

Also, Maude Maggart appears in this video on the left side of the screen. Maude has a higher voice just as beautiful and completely unique from Fiona's.  :)


Creature from the Black Lagoon
We had to watch The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), because of The Shape of Water.  So here is my review.

The wikipedia entry has a lot of great facts.  I totally have a donation set up to give $3 to Wikipedia every month.  :)

The first thing I was impressed by is the sophistication of the female lead, Kay, played by Julie Adams.  I didn't recognize Adams from anything else, even though she's been in a ton of films opposite many of the great leading me, including Elvis!  Kay is a scientist but doesn't get credit for her work... so everyone else is Dr. So and So, except her.  :P It really made me think about the recent biopic about Jane Goodall and how she went to work at Gombe, Tanzania, in association with Louis Leakey, who helped her get funding so that she could study chimps and get a PhD from Cambridge without ever having gone to university beforehand!   Goodall first went to Gombe in 1960, and they stipulated that her mother had to go with her!  So that is similar to the way Kay is treated in the movie... she is always the object of concern and protection.  But she does get to drive the speedboat and is the only person to survive direct contact with the monster. 

Kay's boyfriend Dr. David Reed is an ichthyologist and is a sympathetic character.  The stupid is mostly centered in Dr. Mark Williams, David's "boss" from the aquarium in California, who is driven by some idea of bagging the creature as a trophy, even though David is very sensible about studying its habitat and not trying to kill it.    David is a likeable guy, who treats Kay like a real person and is sensible about her ambitions, and he tries to be fair to the creature, who is really very dangerous, with a body count that mounts up quickly.  Brown people are pretty much toast in this film. ):

A huge highlight of this film are the many long scenes underwater. This is in real contrast to the Shape of Water, where only the final scene takes place under water.  The images of Kay swimming, with the Gill-man following her underwater are amazing.  When the film was shot, they hired two guys to play the creature, one on land and one in the water.  (Not sure why the water guy couldn't also be the land guy).  Water guy is Ricou Browning, who started doing underwater scenes in the 1940s at Wakulla Springs and Weeki Wachi in Florida, and has directed underwater scenes up to Boardwalk Empire in 2010 (including Thunderball, the 1966 Bond film)!  This is pretty cool, because my head canon all along is that Gill and Elisa move to Florida and set up an attraction. There are still mermaid shows at Weeki Wachi!!  all this is to say, you will be amazed at how beautifully the Gillman swims along underwater in that suit, which they did an amazing job with. In my mental conception of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, I had only images of the Creature outside the water, on land, kind of lurching along very woodenly. This is not the movie you will see!!  Only a few scenes feature the creature on land (and unfortunately, they are kind of wooden).  The creature in his element is amazing, and you can totally see why Guillermo Del Toro was fascinated to remake the whole concept.  The score is pretty typical of monster movies, but, it is striking how enjoyable it is to watch long, LONG underwater scenes with no dialogue of any kind, no sound effects, just the score and maybe some burbling.    I feel like this is why Elisa uses sign language.  There is a lot of frantic gesturing underwater when the two scientists are swimming about with their flippers and Aqualungs.  This also brought back childhood memories of Jacques Cousteau, who developed the Aqua-lung, and whose movie The Silent World won a Palme d'or at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival -- so they had the technology in the 1950s to make amazing underwater films, and that is what  they did!    "Here zee ocean is teeming with life, but everywhere zair are signs of man's encroachment." -- The Brain, pretexting as Jacques Cousteau. (Please enjoy this episode of P&B, if you've never had the joy of it.  Rob Paulsen, who voices Pinky, also voiced Arthur in the cartoon series of the Tick. Pinky and the Brain is by far my top favorite thing Steven Speilberg ever did.)

All this to say, I really enjoyed the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  It does show some of its prejudices from the times, (the boat captain is a caricature that made me think of Stinking Badges), but on the plus side, it is gripping and shot so beautifully underwater that it is very fun to watch.    I give it four out of five stars.  :)