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fannishliss's Journal

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I started this livejournal so I could comment on people's fiction without being anonymous. My first entry was http://fannishliss.livejournal.com/722.html on November 7, 2007.
I'm now writing fan fiction regularly, after thinking of myself primarily as a poet for most of my life!

Some of my stories are marked as R (Teen) or NC17 (Mature/Adult). Please heed the ratings and warnings and don't peek if you're not ready for that sort of thing!! Adult really does mean adult. My stories are Transformative Creative Works and no profit will ever be sought for them.

My first fandom on LJ has been Supernatural -- what an amazing fandom!
I've now branched out into Doctor Who fandom -- I was an old fan in the 1980s, and it's fun to see the scope of a fandom soon to be fifty years old!

I am a singer, music teacher, straight but not narrow, married, mom. I have a Ph. D. in English, MFA in Poetry, and BA in Music and English. I'm a good editor.

I am very interested in religion, myths, spirituality, etc. I believe that everyone has their own relationship with the Divine, and I am committed to diversity and respect. I personally am a Christian with lots of spices thrown in -- if you have any questions I will answer with respectful engagement.